Who are the Barbed Sols?

The big news is my debut novel is published! Love, Ezra is the first book in the Barbed Sols novel series. So who are the Barbed Sols?

Barbed Sols was a band formed in the late 1980s by four childhood friends: 

Jake Taghart, founder of the band, on drums

Michael Taghart, brother of Jake, on lead guitar

Wade Duncan, best friend of Jake, as frontman

Ezra Goldman, best friend of Michael, on bass

The boys began playing in their small Florida hometown of Solito, then began traveling once they graduated high school. The band gained fame with their southern grungy sound, but then quickly dissolved just as their popularity peaked.

The four men are now in their fifties, each having taken a different life path after the band’s breakup. 

The first book of the Barbed Sols series kicks off with Ezra and Lili Goldman, and a marriage in trouble.

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