Who are the Barbed Sols?

The big news is my debut novel is published! Love, Ezra is the first book in the Barbed Sols novel series. So who are the Barbed Sols?

Barbed Sols was a band formed in the late 1980s by four childhood friends: 

Jake Taghart, founder of the band, on drums

Michael Taghart, brother of Jake, on lead guitar

Wade Duncan, best friend of Jake, as frontman

Ezra Goldman, best friend of Michael, on bass

The boys began playing in their small Florida hometown of Solito, then began traveling once they graduated high school. The band gained fame with their southern grungy sound, but then quickly dissolved just as their popularity peaked.

The four men are now in their fifties, each having taken a different life path after the band’s breakup. 

The first book of the Barbed Sols series kicks off with Ezra and Lili Goldman, and a marriage in trouble.

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Love, Ezra

is coming in December!

One night changed everything…


I spent my life building a reputation as one of the best bass players in the music industry, and my wife Lili was my rock every step of the way. But it only took one night, and one very bad decision, for me to lose my career, destroy my marriage of twenty-six years, and gain a son. Now after too many months of separation, I’m home with my child to beg Lili’s forgiveness for the unforgivable and be the husband she’s always deserved.


I was determined to celebrate turning fifty. I had a sexy new dress, an unsigned set of divorce papers, and a dependable new lover. My birthday dinner was a success until my estranged husband chose to show up with an unexpected package—his newborn son. Now Ezra wants me to let the two of them move back into our house. Fabulous.

Love in Lockdown

Lucy Caldwell may be stuck in quarantine, but she has her priorities straight. Once she’s out of lockdown, she isn’t taking any chances. Dating is fun, but safety comes first, and Lucy has a plan.

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Adventures in Publishing

Fire in the Storm is NOT currently available on Amazon.

Originally published in First Response: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, the short story is . . . well . . . short. A small, but hopefully satisfying, bite at 5600 words.

Mostly it was an exercise in publishing. Format the text and create a cover. Sounds simple, right? Not exactly. But two days later, the files are finally uploaded and there is nothing left to do except wait for the book to appear online.

One night can change everything …

Gravel crushes under my boots as if scraping away the past. No matter what happens inside, I’m glad to be away from the shitshow that has been my life so far this year. I’m ready to be home. 

Now to convince my wife to agree. Walking in looking like a condemned man won’t do. I don my rock star swagger and open the restaurant door. 

Love, Ezra is almost complete.

Photo by Amy Humphries via Unsplash

Do the right thing.

The first time I witnessed police dressed in full riot gear was at a YES concert in the 1970s. The police were lined up with guns along a walkway above us. I don’t know why. But more than forty years later it occurs to me how easy it would have been for them to open fire on a bunch of clueless concert goers.

Currently there are some sort of federally hired pseudo military police types seemingly gassing women who are peacefully protesting.

Several years back there was an incident where protestors sitting peacefully were pepper sprayed by police.

Going back further, there were the shootings Kent State. If you don’t remember, stop right now and Google it while listening to OHIO by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

I do not understand the current mentality in our country. What the heck happened?

There were no non-white kids in my elementary school. The girls HAD to wear dresses. It wasn’t until junior high school that we were allowed to wear pant suits, not any old pair of pants and a top, to school. The times they were changing.

Or so I believed. By the time I started high school, kids were bussed to different schools for integration and girls wore jeans. I was convinced all those old fogies who worried about skin color, ranted at the boys with long hair and women wearing hip huggers, and hated rock and roll would surely fade away.

Fun fact: There was so much outrage over our clothes, but no one cared that we smoked. We were allowed to smoke on school property as long as we stayed behind a white chalk line they drew periodically.

I grew up with protest songs, integration, civil rights, women’s rights, long hair, bell bottoms, drugs, sex, and rock music. I watched people protest to stop a war, to acknowledge people are people and should have the same rights regardless of skin color or gender.

It is completely beyond my comprehension that any of those things are still an issue. Do the right thing. Maybe better to say Do the KIND thing. The LOVING thing.

Why are we arguing about whether assault weapons should be banned, whether police brutality is happening, whether our real freedoms are being taken away, whether we should be wearing masks? Because the answer to all those questions is such an obvious YES. Maybe we should be asking why we aren’t making the choices that will make us a happier, healthier, stronger society.

These past weeks I found myself wishing I could afford to move to New York. The cold is a huge problem, the cost of living is ridiculous, but the appeal of living in a state that has intelligent leadership is strong.

What would it be like to have our elected state officials saying DO THE RIGHT THING? To have leaders who speak with facts and scientific evidence? To have leaders who encourage us to love each other, protect each other, take care of one another?

I want us to DO BETTER.

There is something very wrong in our society when we value weapons more than lives. When it is more important to make money than to save lives. When being asked to wear a mask is an infringement of liberty instead of a simple act that may save lives.

I don’t want to believe most people in our country are like this. But I’ve heard the ugly words spewing out of everyday people. Words that they’ve kept hidden inside for years and now feel free to say out loud.

I can’t imagine feeling that much hate toward another human being who did nothing other than be born in a different shade of skin—or made the choice to wear a mask.

This is not okay. But it keeps happening and we shouldn’t continue to accept it.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.