About halfway through the first draft of Dance for Me.

Plot line is complete, characters have made themselves known, and all that is missing is about another 25K words.

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What I’m Reading

SOMETHING IN THE WAY by Jessica Hawkins.

So much angsty goodness. These are not standalones–the story is not complete until book 4. Normally I am not a fan of having to read multiple books to get the entire story. This series held my attention and made the last book that much more satisfying.

Hygge and Happiness

The word hygge caught my eye this afternoon. Pronounced “hue-guh” or “hoo-ga” depending on the source, this Danish word is about coziness, well-being, and living happily.

Quiet breath.

If I had a word for the year, hygge would be it.

Gratefulness, comfort in simple things, a happy life.


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Pens At Play

It’s a good day. Playing with dotted pages, learning how to create banners. Not nearly perfect, but it’s a start. As is my current writing WIP. A short story for submission to an anthology. Progress is happening!

Photo copyright 2019 by Payton Harlie, all rights reserved.

New (mid) Year

In July 2017, after the RWA conference, I purchased a simple two year monthly planner so I could plan my books. <Insert laughter here>

Two years later I begin a new planner–still no books published. Acknowledging the two previous years did not turn out as hoped was hard. A few accomplishments. Several disappointments. Tough lessons learned.

This July I purchased a weekly dated planner that includes a dotted page for bullet type journaling. Because I can break down the tasks into smaller chunks. Because it will help me stay on track and finish the book. And because, well … because it looked cool and I have all these colored pens on standby.

Photo copyright 2019 by Payton Harlie, all rights reserved.

Because the Night

Opened the draft for Book 2, tentatively titled Because the Night, for the first time since the end of November. This is the NaNoWriMo story and I’m both excited and apprehensive about what I will find. A bit encouraged by the first few pages, but I remember major difficulties and story changes occurred as I worked through the month. Working on rewriting one page at a time for now.

Reading a friends WIP. It’s nice to see how much progress we’ve made this past year. Hoping we reach publishing milestones soon!


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Drove All Night

Book 1 is now named Drove All Night and is back on the front burner after going to the hands of my critique buddies a little over a week ago.

Their feedback was kind, encouraging, enlightening, and so appreciated.  The goal for next week is to get their suggestions written and in place.



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Don’t rush things that take time to grow

Three weeks into 2018 and I’m already in over my head. Foolishly, make that ambitiously,  signed up for three writing related classes and a painting workshop at the same time that my adult child came to visit for a week.

All Very Good Things!

In the meantime, the book is only getting minimal attention.

The “hurry” has been nipping at my heels, telling me I have too much to do and I am “so far behind” that I should give up.

And maybe that is right, I do need to give up … the hurry.

The book will get written. There is no need to rush. The book is one of those things that needs time to grow.


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