Love, Ezra

is coming in December!

One night changed everything…


I spent my life building a reputation as one of the best bass players in the music industry, and my wife Lili was my rock every step of the way. But it only took one night, and one very bad decision, for me to lose my career, destroy my marriage of twenty-six years, and gain a son. Now after too many months of separation, I’m home with my child to beg Lili’s forgiveness for the unforgivable and be the husband she’s always deserved.


I was determined to celebrate turning fifty. I had a sexy new dress, an unsigned set of divorce papers, and a dependable new lover. My birthday dinner was a success until my estranged husband chose to show up with an unexpected package—his newborn son. Now Ezra wants me to let the two of them move back into our house. Fabulous.

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